Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pininfarina Cambiano Car

If you have missed 2012 Geneva Motor show then surely you don’t have any idea about stylish futurist car concept i.e. Pininfarina Cambiano. This vehicle is just like a person of split personality as it has both sedan and coupe. The driver side is integrated with a single coupe like door while that of passenger side is equipped with two doors. Although it has split personality yet it looks quite stunning. The main purpose behind integrating such door is to make the entry and exit of the vehicle very comfortable and in simple words obstacles free.

Pininfarina Cambiano Concept

Interior Design
When you open the door of Pininfarina Cambiano then you feel that you have entered into a luxurious hotel room which has comfortable white leather seats that looks more stunning due to its laminated wood flooring. The dashboard and steering wheel are wrapped up with brown silky finish leather. Best of all, this futuristic concept car is designed with a glass roof that is based on inter-crossing structural reinforcements technology and thereby cabin will be filled with natural light.

pininfarina cambiano concept interior design

pininfarina cambiano concept interior design

pininfarina cambiano concept interior design

pininfarina cambiano concept interior design

Every driver wants to know what the power source of the car is because speed largely depends on the source. Thanks to Pininfarina Cambiano which brings 4 horsepower electric motors whereas each motor will drive each wheel. The combined out of 320 horsepower results in top speed of this latest car concept is around a 186mph. You will be able to travel up to 62 mph in only 4.2 seconds. However, if you want to extend this range then for you this concept car offers diesel turbine engine which is available upfront, with the mean of you will be in a possible to recharge the batteries.

Fuel Consumption
For your information, Pininfarina Cambiano will consume less fuel because of its light weight of around 1,700 kgs (3,748 lbs). You may surprise to see this weight when you know that this luxury sports car is designed with a large battery pack and generator engine.


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