Monday, July 21, 2014

Subaru Ballistic Of Accelera
For the model of Ballistic-3, similar to the concept car that Mazda designed the California Design Studio and Swift Engineering at Mazda Furai. And to form this car like the Mazda Furai, only congenital chassis.... which are left alone, others discarded. As an additional amplifier and also serves as the bones of the body, 3 pieces of metal embedded in it that is kind of angled iron, flat iron and iron pipe where each of these iron adjusted to the shape and placement. Iron acts as an amplifier elbow skin side of the body, measuring 1.2 mm flat iron to the body facing upward and the latter is an iron pipe used to form the pillars A, B until back.Part deck was redesigned in the application of 1.2 mm-thick aluminum material with placement BASED humbled and 3-5 cm below the coupling innate.

This is also affecting the sitting position and also the roof height. As for the body, made entirely of fiberglass, body contours of the "structured" design resembles a wind flow with paint airbrush colors silver, black and red which refers to the concept further reinforce the impression of shadow his futuristic.


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