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1969 Volkswagen Beetle

CC-34078: 1969 Volkswagen Beetle
Custom Stereo, Suicide Doors, Shaved Door Handles, Custom Lights and Interior. Vehicle is in excellent overall condition, having been customized from frame up. The interior seats, dash and headliner, along with body modification, and custom lighting, all professionally done, award winning show car

Mitsubishi Galant Car

Mitsubishi Galant Car
Mitsubishi Galant Car

5 Tips for Using an Ipod in Your Car


Music storage has gone through a transition from cassette to compact disc to MP3 file. While portable MP3 players are great and easy to use, one may come across difficulties when trying to use them in the car. We look at how to overcome the challenges to enjoying MP3 music through your car stereo. It's also worth checking that your car insurance has a contents allowance, if your MP3 player is left in your vehicle.
The Apple Ipod is arguably the most popular, and certainly the most globally recognised MP3 player brand. While this article may refer to the Ipod, these tips apply equally for any type of MP3 player.

Standard Connectivity in New Cars

MP3 players have been around for years now, so most car makers really should be up to speed. MP3 players are the standard means for portable music, so any self respecting car manufacturer should have some sort of way to connect an MP3 player into a car stereo. Just how easy this is, and how well an MP3 player integrates with a car stereo is the test of car maker's efforts with sound system advancement.

Full IntegrationThis is the ultimate.

Many new cars now have stereos that are ready to accept MP3 player plug ins, and allow full operability on the part of the driver. Stereo controls on the steering wheel allow the driver to scan through tracks and albums on an MP3 player and select songs. On some systems, the track names will even appear on the car stereo.

Audio Jack

Having just an audio jack on a car stereo is a passable but sub-standard solution. A non integrated solution means that one needs to handle the MP3 player in order to skip tracks and the like. This can be a little dangerous if the driver is doing this and taking his or her eyes off the road. The shuffle option is useful in providing continuous music, but if the driver gets an incoming phone call or other interruption, it's harder to pause the music quickly and safely.

Cassette Adaptor

If your car has a cassette player, a cassette adapter can be used to link an MP3 player to a car stereo. Again, one can't operate the MP3 player remotely, and there will be some loss of sound to the adapter's analogue format, but it's a pretty cheap solution.

New Stereo

A new stereo is much cheaper than a new car. If you are planning on a new stereo, then it's worth looking for one that offers remote operation. If you are buying a new car, and music is important to you, take your MP3 player and cords into the car showroom, and see how easy it is to hook up.
MP3 players have revolutionised music. It is now possible to carry literally thousands of songs around with you in your pocket. With many of us spending considerable time in our cars, it's important to be able to also enjoy music libraries through car stereos. Taking heed of the points above will make this not only possible, but easy. When comparing car insurance quotes, make sure that installed accessories, like MP3 compatible stereos are covered under your insurance.

Friday, October 29, 2010

2010 Tesla Roadster

2010 Tesla Roadster

2010 Tesla S5

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Saab Fashionista 1 Ve7ki 69

Saab Fashionista 1 Ve7ki 69 CarSaab Fashionista 1 Ve7ki 69 Car


This is one of our archive for modified car on recent International Autoshow at Bukit Jalil Stadium. Today, we expose an extremely modified Nissan AD Resort which is a station wagon vehicle that was a famous car in Malaysia before the appearance of MPV vehicle such as Naza Ria and Avanza in Malaysia. Normally we see a very normal exterior with old design of AD Resort but now, you will see a totally different “blink-blink” Nissan AD Resort Modified.


The front fascia after modification with crystal headlamp, unique type of hood scoop, creative paintwork covering whole body of the wagon in Malaysia, it simply attract people to know more about this old design wagon which has been transformed.


Combination of all light and bright colour with LEDs really makes the Ad Resort an outstanding car among the modified car in the autoshow.


Seriously, the audio system make you feels the vibration. Uusing Ameron speakers and woofers is enough to fire the wave of sound.

Auto Sport Nissan-350z Tuning

Then comes the Subaru model WRX STI and the Mazda RX 8. So it does not matter whether you are looking for a model for street racing or for drag racing.

BMW Efficient Dynamic Concept Sport Cars Modifications

2009 BMW EfficientDynamic ConceptAs the lowering fuel consumption and emission 2009 BMW EfficientDynamic Concept become a key part of product development strategy. BMW EfficientDynamic Concept is the unique car which combine BMW performance with standard fuel efficient and lower emission management of vehicle with high power level. BMW EfficientDynamic Concept is made possible of BMW combination

Detroit Mini Choppers

This is an absolute fun ride and if you want to buy this custom crafted mini chopper then you better be careful where you are taking it out for a ride. This mini chopper is not street legal and is barely something you would go bidding for. The design of the flames on the body is pretty common and one look at both the front and the back wheels tell you how funny it is. If you want your kid to have a fun ride on a 50 cc and pretend that he is a big bad guy on a Harley-Davidson

New GM Concept Car

"We're on a journey," admitted Wayne Cherry, General Motor's vice president of design, when questioned at the automaker's top-secret design studios near Detroit. "This is a mission...We're redesigning technology..."

The impressive design feat, which is said to create a superbly smooth ride by levitating the body away from the chassis, may well be based on top-secret work in the government's closely guarded Area 51 -- where many think a crashed alien UFO has been reverse engineered to discover the principles of extraterrestrial science.

Quoted in an article in the highly respected Edmonds, "You can think of the first 100 years of automotive technology as volume one," said Larry Burns, GM vice president of research, development and planning. "And Autonomy as volume two."

Edmonds also noted that "the surface... has a pale-colored, smooth, shiny hard plastic exterior much like Apple Computer's latest laptop, the iBook," raising speculation that the computer maker and GM may well be in a collusive arrangement to develop and use alien spacecraft technology for tough, aerodynamic exteriors.

Rumors of similar developments by Ford Motor Company have so far remained unconfirmed; but with intense competition among the largest auto makers to include alien technology in new designs, there can be no doubt that they are not far behind.

Chevrolet Aveo Modification

Type of car: Chevrolet Aveo 1.5LM / T in 2003 Owner: Irwan Body art: custom body kit, wide body 0.8 mm galvanized plate, shave door custom, Webasto sunroof & Volanti, custom pillar B, Carbon F1 mirrors, candy paint Sikkens tone, cutting sticker custom

Soundstyle: Pioneer head unit Pioneer DVH-P5650MP & DEH-P765OMP, 3 way speakers front & rear MB Quart (size 6 inches), 3 pieces subwoofer Planet Audio Z-12 (12 inches), power Harman Kardon, Denon power, power Audioline , Revo monoblock power, capacitor banks Critical Mass (2 pieces). 3 pieces lvio monitor (size 7 inches), fuse box digital EFX, audio meters Caras, Varta batteries 70A Interior: full custom leather interior & fiberglass, steer Momo, Momo shift knob, pedal set Momo, Momo Handbrake. engine cut-off custom, replica Sparco racing seat, tachometer Engine: SARD fuel pressure regulator, spark plug wires Blue Thunder, GReddy oil catch tank, air filter, Blue Thunder, oil HKS, GReddy radiator cap, muffler Aerospeed, Rolling stock: replica alloy wheels Lowenhart LD1 20 * 8.5 ". 245/35R20 and 255/35R20 Sumitomo tires, a custom-cut 2 screw modifier: Prosperous Autocar, Good Tires, Autostage, Z-One, Pomegranate

Hot Girls On Cars

For all the people out there, who are looking for the wallpapers of hot girls and hot cars, here is the place for you. some of them are being provided here down under, have a look at them and enjoy.

bikini girls on the carsbeauty girls on carssexy girls on cars

Car Modification

MEC Design Bodykit for the Mercedes CL W216

Yaris Bodykit and custom paint

Car styling tips brings you the very latest in car styling and cosmetic car modifications. With pictures of show cars to inspire you from all over the world.

This is one very cool and extremely pink Yaris. It boasts a full bodykit, custom paint which includes an Anime style mermaid design and interior modifications.

As if this wasn’t enough the front lights have had a pink surround added by way of a custom light upgrade and the doors have been fitted with an ultra smooth Lambo door lift kit.

The twin exhausts peering out from the rear bumper like an SAS Soldier peering through some binoculars. The bumper is filled with chrome inserts and a show number plate finishes off this awesome Yaris.

Auto Race Car Wallpaper Modification

Mini Crossover

This crossover concept maybe be the longest Mini ever built. With over four meters in lenght and measuring 1,8 meters in width, the new car opens a new chapter in the history of Mini. Like the Mini Clubman, the Mini Crossover Concept is not a four- door in the classic sense, a conventional arrangement of doors is to be found only on the front passenger’s side, while on the driver’s side the the vehicle comes with a conventional door for the first row of seats plus a lift/sliding door moving along the outside for convenient access to the rear and for loading the car from the side.

And by dropping the B-pillar on the driver’s side, the Mini Crossover Concept exhausts the potential of this generous opening to an even higher degree. Frameless side , finally, are yet another feature of this truly exceptional four-door.

Canadian cancer patient wins Koenigsegg, opts for cash instead Modification Design

If you won a lottery that offered you million-dollar supercar or a large cash prize, which would you take? Okay, well you might be a little biased if you're reading Autoblog. So let's make this a little more challenging: what if you lived in a town with no paved roads like Norman Wells (population: 761), some 690 kilometers northwest of Yellowknife in Canada's Northwest Territories, where Louie Edgi lives with his family.

Edgi bought ten tickets for the Alberta Cash and Cars Lottery, which was giving away a Koenigsegg CCX and supports local cancer research funds, on a trip down from his northerly home-town to Edmonton, Alberta, (still considered ridiculously close to the North Pole for the rest of the world, including this Canadian-born writer) to undergo cancer treatment. Since getting the car home would have required a long trip up a winter ice road – a prospect that apparently hasn't caught on in the Northwest Territories as it has in Koenigsegg's home country of Sweden – Edgi opted for the cash instead, and is reportedly feeling a lot better about his treatment now.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PPI Automotive Audi R8 Razor GTR


German car tuning specialists PPI Automotive have released their PPI RAZOR GTR version of the Audi R8, and it will premiere at the Top Marques Monaco 2009. A year ago, PPI introduced their R8 RAZOR edition at the Essen Motor Show which had great success. The new GTR model has all the features the R8 RAZOR did, however PPI aimed at tweaking the R8 to get extra performance gains for the GTR version. Some of the new parts they added were a re-engineered supercharger, a ram-charged intake filtering system, and a stainless steel high performance exhaust. The power numbers for this Audi R8 tops out at 580hp at 4,700rpm, and 600Nm of torque at 6,200rpm, which is exceptional for only weighing 1,580kg.

The acceleration for this R8 is amazing, in a mere 3.7 seconds it can reach 100km/h with a maximum speed of 332km/h. This is capable from extensive testing and research performed by PPI Automotive, and with their knowledge they were able to create a true sports car. With their wind tunnel testing and development, PPI was able to enhance the vehicles aerodynamics from the previous R8 RAZOR edition. A specially designed new front bumper with diffuser attached was put in place to reduce lifting forces. Larger air vents to provide cooler air to the radiators were installed, along with new side skirts giving it a sporty look. At the rear, is a special wing that comes with an adjustable Gurney-flap, with a new rear bumper and fenders to allow cooler air to enter the engine bay. Several carbon fiber parts such as a rear diffuser were installed, and it offsets the airflow between the rear wing and newly designed front bumper.

The Audi R8 RAZOR GTR sits on lightweight MAG9 Carbon Fiber forged aluminum PPI wheels weighing in at only 8.8kgs. Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires are found on all fours and measure 255/35 ZR19 in the front and 325/25 ZR20 in the rear. A new braking system made of high performance parts was installed and it can be easily identified by its large 6-piston orange calipers. The interior received several minor upgrades such as carbon fiber throughout to save some extra weight. To name a few, carbon fiber hand-brake lever, door trims and sill protectors, radio and center console trim was all made entirely of carbon fiber

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

De Tomaso Ghepardo Sports Cars Concept Designed For The Future

De Tomaso releases new renderings of a future car set to compete with the Mercedes CLS – its called the Ghepardo. The four-door sports cars, Ghepardo, suggests the new concept cars for the future De Tomaso. Ghepardo is designed with great respect for the De Tomaso history and design language, and several elements are inspired by the surface treatments of the Pantera and Mangusta. It is designed to match the future trends within the automotive industry both in design and functionality.
 De Tomaso Ghepardo Sports Cars Concept Designed For The Future
This entire auto is inspired not only by the De Tomaso past line of cars, but by a fine taylor-made Italian suit as well. De Tomaso was considered the entry level to the holy grail of Italian super cars in the 1960s and 1970s. De Tomaso sport cars Pantera and Mangusta are used as inspiration for surface treatments and more. Auto designer Frederik Tjellesen has created a concept sports car for an Italian car manufacturer, De Tomaso, which runs on a low-emission hybrid engine. Christened the Ghepardo, the concept is a four-door sports car that boasts Ecoboost technology and methanol fuel cells.
The De Tomaso Ghepardo Sports Cars Concept Designed For The Future uses technology based on both the latest production sports cars as well as the concepts cars currently being tested. Ghepardo may be powered either by a Ford twin-turbo ecoboost 3.5 V6 producing 465 bhp or by four electric in-hub fuel cells each producing 85 Kw (combined an equivalent of 440 bhp). Electricity is produced by a methanol fuel cell stack located beneath the 500 litre boot. Active aerofoils are incorporated in the ‘c-pillar/rear wing’ giving the car optimal down force at any speed. The Ghepardo measures a length of 4820 mm, a width of 1970 mm, height of 1300 mm and a wheel base of 2990 mm.
The sports cars were as fast and as beautiful, however, more inexpensive than the ones of Ferrari and Lamborghini. In 1971, De Tomaso introduced the Deauville which was the fastest saloon car at the time. It was referred to as a super saloon by founder Alejandro De Tomaso. Inspired by the spirit of the Deauville, the De Tomaso Ghepardo is a modern four door fuel cell super car with a surface treatment inspired by the legendary De Tomasos of the 60s and 70s and designed for the future.
As an inspirational effect from the Mangusta, in  Ghepardo De Tomaso the rear wing function as the boot cover and the rear door. With elegant surface, volume, stand, lines with a smooth eye catching finish, the bottom windows are so designed that the rider can have an idea of the speed. Run by a power of approximately 450HP, this car surely binds style with future trend of the car.

 De Tomaso Ghepardo Sports Cars Concept Designed For The Future

Tuner Cars: Lexus IS by Wald

Usually when tuning company’s tune cars like the 3-Series, they go out of their way to give it more power. Sometimes they even add so much power, that it would almost sit the car next to the M3. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here. Wald International, headquartered in Osaka Japan, recently got their hands on the Lexus IS and ended up just giving it some good looks.

Wald’s IS250/350 Executive Line consists of a new front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and rear spoiler plus Wald’s 19-inch Portofino silver polished wheels.

So no Lexus IS-F power here, but good looks nonetheless.

Magna Steyr offers a flexible green-car platform

With a concept car, on display at the Geneva auto show, the company is aiming to illustrate what it can offer to carmakers through its Mila automotive platform: Magna Steyr would build the car's innards, then the carmaker would slap on a body shell and badges.

Mila is designed as a flexible platform for the manufacturing of either electric cars or hybrids, allowing automakers to market their own green cars without having to do years of costly research.

With its 67-horsepower electric motor and 10-kilowatt battery pack, Mila-based cars have an electric range of only 32 miles, and accelerating to 62 mph takes a whopping 17 seconds. With a gas engine added to work as a generator, Magna Steyr says the Mila will go 174 miles.

The Mila's hybrid system can drive the car either under electric power only; as a series hybrid, where the gas engine recharges the batteries; or as a parallel hybrid, with the gas engine sends power directly to the wheel for speeds of more than 44 mph.

At least one component of Mila should prove attractive to automakers: the battery. Magna Steyr has designed a lithium ion battery module with built-in software for load balancing and power control. The modules can be combined into a battery pack and will work seamlessly together, providing electricity for the vehicle without overheating or overusing a single module.

Although it hasn't licensed the Mila platform specifically, Ford has already signed a deal with Magna Steyr to provide its electric power train for a vehicle to be launched in the United States in 2011. The deal specifies a small car powered by a single electric motor, with a single-speed transmission. Range will be approximately 100 miles.

Bugatti Veyron Automotive Car

bugatti-veyron-automotive-car Bugatti Veyron Automotive Car

This is such a great high advance conceptual technnology based latest Bugatti Veyron automotive car re presenting extra amaizng future and concept. So I can say this Bugatti Veyron automotive car is really different from another similar automotive product and everyone know that is not forever that glitters is gold and so each so frequently we discover some citizens who just desire to show that luxury and style are still a big lie and today we have amazing ideal for them.

bugatti-veyron-automotive-car-2 Bugatti Veyron Automotive Car

Actually this Bugatti Veyron automotive car story is also outstanding for several fan of luxury cars and that we have found a company that has determined to enter the intricate world of comfort rentals with one of the most elite cars in world.

Really that is great and advance unique and conceptual design and just according to English company Holders vehicle contract that has decisive to revelation the market by put the awesome Bugatti Veyron automotive car for rent and something very strange allowing for that there are only 300 units in world.

So I can say this is such a great for several fan who does not have 1.7 million dollars to buy their own model because the company that has confirmed that Bugatti Veyron can enjoy for only $ 25,000 per day

Best Fastest Electric Car

fastest-electric-car Best Fastest Electric Car

This is world fastest car that is very luxury automotive gadgets and this world’s fastest electric car that can be appear at speeds of 208mph has been showing and I think this maximum speed in this automotive car. This fastest automotive car is a ultimate Aero EV produced by Shelby Super cars consume a double motor AESP just create an remarkable 1,000 HP and 800 lb-ft of torque facilitate it to increase rapidly to 60 mph in a mere 2.5 seconds and that get there at a top speed of approx 208 mph.

solar motorcyle

It won’t have a modern motorcycle style, but if you think that a solar powered motorcycle can run for 80km and reach a maximum speed of 112 km/hr, it’s not so bad. And then style is not really at the heart of this argument.

This model is called the Prometheus and it was sent to us by the guys at Designed by Prometheus Solar LLC and shown at the Alt Car Expo in Santa Monica (alternative cars show), this motorcycle runs off four big solar panels, strategically placed.

The Prometheus adopts lithium phosphate batteries of 4.6 kWh and is connceted to an electric Perm PMG 132 engine from Thunderstruck Motors.

motorcyle with one wheel

Invented by an 18 year old from Canada - Ben Gulak , the UNO is a one wheel motorcycle that truly balances out. Right now there are 3 working prototypes. It only has one switch which is the power switch! To go forward you push your body weight forward to tilt the machine. To back up, just lean back. The farther you lean the faster it goes. Whats more is that this bike is electric so its more eco friendly.

Check out this article on the design of it on Motorcylcemojo. Ben had some help from a few companies after selling his idea to them, but all they really did is give him some of the necessary components like the body, wheels, and the complex gyros to balance the cycle…

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