Monday, January 23, 2012

Tuner Cars: Novitec Fiat Grand Punto X-One

Tuner Novitec has revealed its latest addition to the Novitec X-Treme family. The new Novitec Fiat Grand Punto X-One, based on the Fiat Grand Punto, features a more aggresive body and power than last year’s Grand Punto Sport.
Powered by a 1.9 JTD diesel engine
, the Novitec Fiat Grand Punto X-One produces 160 horsepower and produces sweet performance sound through its stainless steel rear silencer with double 2x90mm tips on both sides.
Novitec adds a new front bumper
, engine bonnet, roof spoiler, side panels, roof air intake and a new rear bumper with diffuser. Personally we’re bigger fans of the Fiat Grand Punto Abarth and its 155 horsepower engine.


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