Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Antro solo

Usually the automotive world became her world Germany, America and Japan. This time the news did not come from these countries, but from Hungary, a country that has no tradition in the automotive field. Diusungnya concept is "green car".

Antro Solo, a car of the future is to work with a mix of solar power, human and electric. It is not a new phenomenon indeed, but it offers quite interesting, namely the efficient use of fuel, where a gallon (1 gallon = 3.785 liters) to a distance of up to 150 miles.

Made from carbon fiber, Antro Solo have weight only 270 kg. Weights are lightly this allows more fuel efficiency up to more. If hybrid vehicles are usually less qualified in terms of speed, Antro Solo is quite reliable because it can run at speeds to 87 miles per hour or about 140 km / hour.

The top mounted solar panels to capture energy and store it in batteries that can be used to run as far as 15-25 km. If you run out of steam, the power reserve will be issued. It is human labor power. Under the passenger seat is provided by the pedals to move the engine generator. If passengers feel tired and lazy to push the pedal, the car can still be run by using fuel oil or ethanol.

Mass produced in 2012, Antro Solo will be priced around $ 20,000.


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